As a new yogi at university, Mariam felt obligated to mirror her practice to those around her, often feeling pressure to live up to standards that her body wasn't capable of. But as she gained confidence and practiced more regularly, she realized that her yoga journey was uniquely her own and thus the idea was born to create a space in Abu Dhabi for women where they too could feel comfortable in their own practices - whether experienced Yogi or curious beginner - and be encouraged in their personal journeys.

Mariam opened The Studio in April 2017 as an inclusive, safe space to support women of all levels, ages and body type. It is her intention that students will discover how to practice yoga in a way that not only optimizes their physical health, but also nurishes their soul. She believes in cultivating self-love and sisterhood through yoga and movement in order to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Ultimately we "rise by lifting others" (Robert Ingersoll) and The Studio's ultimate goal is to spread love, positivity and kindness in a supportive environment. We can't wait to welcome you to The Studio.