AntiGravity Aerial Yoga & Suspension Fitness are classes where work outs happen on Silk Hammocks. You hang upside down for most of it which is meant to elongate your spine and release all tension in your bones and muscles. The Hammock supports you in all positions, and because it supports you, you are able to relax and let go; "if you want to fly, you must first be willing to let go" – Christopher Harrison. The benefits of class are to increase flexibility, strengthen your core muscles, release tension and get a deep tissue massage in areas you never thought your body needed. In life, we tend to choose easy and comfortable paths, Antigravity classes teach you to challenge yourself and dream of flight. We promise to make you healthier, stronger and taller in just one class!


Total Barre is a dynamic, high energy class that focuses on strength, stamina, flexibility and core stability through a combination of Pilates, movement, cardio and strength training. With the support of the ballet barre, you are taken thru a flow of sequences to music that will keep you energized and motivated.