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Spring Re-Tune & Re-Connect

Re-tune & Re-Connect with the Soulful Self-ready for Spring time!  Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Thank you! 

Connect with your Self on a deep energetic level and Clear the Stress and trauma of your past and present life experiences. We have a lot of build up of Blocks-Noise & Resistance that is causing an imbalance in our lives, because our energy bodies are scrambled. These can be easily removed and we can clear these restrictions if we just learn how. You can connect with your electrical body and re-discover your life force energy on a deeper level and heal yourself. 

Lara will share with you, many tools and techniques that you can carry into your day that will shift your vibration and clear the stress and imbalances.

Workshop will consist of: Experiencing Meditation in Motion- A combo of Yoga, Qi Gong and Energy Medicine Movements. Experience Movement in Stillness- A guided Meditation and Energy Healing Session- A Biofield Tuning!

Biofield Tuning:

This is a subtle yet powerful therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks on the body and in the Biofield that surrounds the human body, in order to induce deep targeted relaxation and healing. Lara will detect where the noise and resistance is in your electromagnetic field and share information about what it is connected with emotionally, and possibly what life experience is associated with the noise and resistance that is uncovered. The vibrational frequencies of the forks are able to dissolve or dissipate the noise and resistance in your Biofield, so that you are no longer triggered in these ways. You will notice shifts in your daily life after a Biofield Tuning Session because the blocks are no longer there to show up again!

Come and Connect with your own energy body and experience it healing itself!

Date: 28th April, 6pm (120 minutes)

Cost: 260 Dhs (inclusive of VAT)


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