This class incorporates the Traditional practice of Pranayama or Breathing technique, to center oneself, and be present with ones own mind and body.  The instructor will guide you through a sequence, consisting of Traditional Surya Namaskar, along with standing and seated Asanas.  This repetitive slow flow, and length of time held in each Asana, enhances a meditative focus to the connection of movement within the body, and to ones own breath; ultimately, creating a unified state of Presence. Suitable for all levels.


A heated dynamic flow incorporating an engaging core-breath, while connecting to each Asana, to warm & detoxify the entire body.  A practice focused on building core strength & encouraging alignment within each posture; concluding in a guided Savanasana, to release & receive the benefits of the practice.    Intermediate level.


This class is designed to bring some balance back into your body and mind, through asana and breath.  With the first half of the class consistent of a Yang or an active sequence, to warm up the muscles and lubricate the joints; while the second half of the class incorporates Yin postures for deep stretches and openings, to release, renew, and restore.  Suitable for all levels.


Therapeutic Yoga involves employing a variety of yoga practices to try to improve a health condition, chronic pain or even to ease and heal past traumas stored in your body.  It is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques combined in such a way that makes it an excellent choice for those who need a gentle yet effective practice for bringing the body into balance and deeper stretch.  These elements are integrated into a sequence that is also suitable for people who are beginning to study yoga, recovering from an injury, or anyone who feels they are just too tight to stretch.  Suitable for all levels.


Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia.  Yin is yoga at its coolest, deepest, quietest, stillest moments.  This class will have you on the floor most of the time, using as many props as needed to create as little effort while holding poses.  Poses are held for 3-7 minutes, allowing joints and fascia to release.  This class will complement your more active Yoga practice, and will open, and release areas in need of more stretching.  Suitable for all levels - 18+ years of age.


Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic, gentle, and slow practice that uses many props (blankets, pillows, eye bags, blocks, belts, etc.) to bring you to a profound state of tranquility and relaxation- to a place where you can hear yourself again.  It’s easier for most of us to run and sweat than sit quietly still. Restorative Yoga is naptime for adults.  In a world of chronic stress and speed we need to balance this energy through the art of slowing down.  It invites us to surrender, calms the mind, and heals the body faster especially after surgery or during illness.  You will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest, recovery, repair, and deep healing.  All poses are comfortable and passive with hardly any movement.  With props and stillness the tension in your body is slowly released enhancing your mood and reconnecting yourself with back to your original nature: Peace.  Suitable for all levels.  


Swing Yoga, or Aerial Yoga is a practice on ‘Gravotonics’ Swings (a single swing with support straps on either side).  The class consists of Traditional Yoga Postures, on the Earth, and in the Air.  Swing Yoga can be a more powerful practice, resulting in weight loss, strength, and flexibility, as well as, a Therapeutic practice where the swing is used as an aid for those with joint or muscle pains, encouraging strength and flexibility to build overtime, without aches, and pains.  Inversions on the swing create space between the vertebrae, within the spine, allowing a sense of release, and decompression, with the assist of Gravity.  Swing Yoga is accessible for all levels from beginner to advanced. 


Himalayan Kriya Yoga is a method of cleansing and purifying the energy body through dynamic movements, pranayama, yoga postures, chanting and meditation. Taught from master to disciple in the mystical spaces of the Himalayas, and brought to the urban world thru the guidance of Maha Avatar Babaji, this tantric meditation experience will leave you in a state of purity and bliss. 


Ashtanga Yoga is characterized by a dynamic and powerful performance of asana (positions), synchronized with your breath. The asana are taken in a flow of motion according to a consistent order, handed down from the Pranjali Yoga Sutra, the foundation of the classic yoga philosophy. Focussing on your body (Asana), controlling your breath (Ujjayi), synchronizing movement and breath (Vinyasa), guiding your energy through muscle contraction (Bandha) and directing your views (Drishti) develops the full potential of Ashtanga Yoga, representing a wonderful companion on your journey to deep believe and tolerance.

KIDS YOGA (AGES 3-7 & 8-12)

Each class will relate to a particular theme or journey; such as understanding an emotion or an adventure to a destination, creating an engaging atmosphere of Understanding, Imagination, and Exploration; while incorporating play, laughter, and freedom of movement throughout the body.